Wild Birds Park

One unique experience you will have is the closeness to the wild birds.

As you can walk into a huge cage of an area up to about 4 thousand square meters, length of 80 meters and width of 50 meters and very high rooftop, which was specially designed so the birds would be able to live and fly freely.

This place has a different environment than the rest of the park. You will feel a sense of intimacy as wild birds walk or fly around you with no boundaries! Every way you look, you’ll find a different bird.

We have designed the environment of this cage in a way that does not make them feel captivated, so you have to be very alert to find birds in unusual places; between bushes, hidden between tree branches or underneath plants.

Among the birds that you will be able to see are: beautiful love birds with their fresh bright colors, green parrots or even Bahraini owls!

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Wild Birds Park
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Useful Information
Opening Hours
Saturday to Thursday : 09:00AM - 4:00PM
Friday : 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
+973 17 845 480
+973 17 836 020
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