Water Birds Parks

Enjoy the sight of all the different bird species (mostly migrant birds) through your round in the water birds park located in the middle of AlAreen Park.

You will notice that each of the five artificial lakes were designed to suit the bird species that enjoy moving and flying around freely; because each type requires different water levels either to swim or fish as well as special surroundings that would help it live happily.

And while you are walking, you will not help but stop and observe the black Tufted duck walking with pride around the brown female to grab her attention, or the Wood Whistling Duck swimming in groups making its unique whistling sound or even the Japanese Crane, standing out with its all-white feathers.

The flamingo birds will definitely grab your attention in their own lake. We are proud to state that through our reserve, the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of few countries who succeeded in breeding those endangered elegant birds in captivity as they require special care and a very unique environment.

You will also find a small swamp, which we placed especially for the reproduction of the endangered native frogs and terrapins. Not only that, we purposely placed fish in the park’s lakes and provided the right environment for them to breed so they can keep the lakes clean as they feed on the algae that automatically grows in the water in addition to being food for the birds.

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