1. Conservation & Preservation

Protection and development of wildlife and conservation of the natural heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain is our main and most important goal. Almost everything we do revolves around this goal.

Through the services of the veterinary department, local markets inspection, maintaining the right atmosphere for species as well as the efforts in the breeding complex, we succeeded in the conservation and preservation of wildlife.

To know more about those efforts, visit the Conservation and Preservation of Wildlife page.

2. Recreation

We take pride to be a part of the touristic activity in the Kingdom of Bahrain as our facility is the one and only park in the region with species living in a natural and protected environment that visitors can see and learn about.

3. Education

Conservation of natural habitats allows researchers to learn more about them.

Our staff of experts always welcomes students and researchers in order to educate them more about wildlife at the reserve in order to support their research projects in the field of wildlife protection and development.

One of the educational goals is to increase the public’s conservation awareness as well as teach the kids more about wildlife through educational tours for visitors and school students who visit the reserve throughout the year.

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